When Life Kicks You . . .

Kay Yow was head coach of the North Carolina Wolfpack women’s basketball team (with 700 career wins) from 1975 until her death from breast cancer in 2009. She coached the USA Women’s Olympic Basketball Team to a gold medal in 1988, months after receiving her cancer diagnosis

Life has certainly delivered a kick to us all with the Covid-19 pandemic shutting down businesses and schools and forcing folks to “shelter in place”. At this writing, we are asked to stay home because of the winter weather creating hazardous travel conditions.

How do we react when we receive one of life’s kicks? Coach Yow said: “let it kick you forward.” During the last year, we have had to exercise our resiliency muscle.  With working from home and starting home-based businesses just to earn a few bucks has called on us to become more flexible. Wear a mask (or two or three), wash your hands, DON’T TOUCH anyone are the calls to help stop the spread of this virus. Yes, life has kicked us but we can’t lay down we must move forward.

Vision 2020 is committed to honoring its mission through these “closed down” days. Planning has begun to bring the Folk Medicine Festival to our historic downtown area again on June 5th. In cooperation with the Tennessee Arts Commission, V2020 is planning a Songwriters in the Park outdoor concert on April 17th. The Step Back in Time Shop is open and offering limited-size classes, observing Covid-19 protocols.

Hopes are to resume the restoration work on the old bank building soon. We rely on volunteer labor and financial donations from friends and neighbors in this effort. We very much want to move forward on this project so that the doors to our Heritage Museum can open soon. V2020 is currently using Rada Cutlery as a special promotion to raise funds for this effort. You can help us (from the comfort of your warm home) to raise funds for the Museum and help yourself to fine quality cutlery.

Click this link: https://radafundraising.com?rfsn=5289122.8028c9

You order on-line and your purchase is shipped directly to you. This is an excellent product that you will enjoy using for years to come. Thank you for your support.

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