Who is Vision 2020?

Honoring our past while looking toward our future

Vision 2020 is a Red Boiling Springs, non-profit community support organization. Our mission is to stimulate interest and awareness of our history; to encourage appreciation of the attributes of our community; to promote preservation of historic resources; and to create an environment that will improve the quality of life.

We began with ten people drinking coffee and kicking around ideas on how to promote the town and to encourage an increase in tourism. After several months of kitchen table conversations in October 2009, Vision 2020 held its first “official” meeting.

Vision 2020 was chartered March 26, 2010. In December of 2010, the group was accepted in the state-sponsored “Tennessee Downtown” program. Red Boiling Springs was one of 12 communities selected to participate in this competitive community improvement program for cities and counties seeking to revitalize traditional commercial districts.

All decisions made by Vision 2020 Inc are run by the litmus test of: Is this good for the community?

Vision 2020 values openness and honesty with its members and the community of Red Boiling Springs. The members strive to do their best possible work with an attitude of generosity and caring.

To learn how you can become a part of the Vision 2020 Volunteers — come to our monthly meetings on the 4th Tuesday of each month beginning at 7:00pm in the Step Back in Time Shop at 252 Main St RBS and speak with a Vision 2020 Volunteer.  Visit our Facebook page or e-mail us at vision2020@nctc.com.

Click here for our annual membership form. 2021 Membership Form

Board of Directors

Richard Eadler, Chairman 615-633-4642

Anthony Merlo, Vice Chairman 615-699-0152

Karen Davis, Secretary 615-699-3800

Laura Merlo, Treasurer 615-699-0152

Sue Sullivan, Member-at-Large

Rita Watson, Executive Director, 615-388-3046

George McCrary, Financial Director

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