Do You Have the Heart?

Did you get a chance to stop in at the Red Boiling Springs Community Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday, March 21? Or, did you see the pictures on Facebook? Events like these don’t just happen.  They require a coordinator and lots of volunteers to make it a reality.

Vision 2020 has sponsored several community events since their charter in 2009. Some events are fund-raisers for the Heritage Museum project, some are just for fun.  The Easter Egg Hunt is for the children. But, it takes adults (young and old) to volunteer financial support, time and their creative spirits and skills to make it the fun, popular event it was on Sunday, March 21.

The same is true of V2020’s other major community events: the Folk Medicine Festival and the Night-time Christmas Parade. One person cannot do all that is necessary to make these events successful. V2020 has been a volunteer organization from day one. V2020 treasures their volunteers.  More are needed! Some of our event coordinators are tired or have other life commitments that are calling on them and their time. Vision 2020 needs you – if you have a heart for sharing our beautiful community and all it has to offer.

You don’t have to be involved in all that V2020 does to be a V2020 Volunteer. Maybe you could make a gallon or two of homemade ice cream for the annual Ice Cream Social & Auction fund-raiser.  Are you a runner? What not register to run with Cathie and Troy Johnson in the annual 5K Walk/Run that honors our Veterans? Is your time already allotted? Why not become a member of Vision 2020. Your annual membership dues help pay those necessary fees and taxes of a non-profit corporation as well as finance out events.

V2020 needs volunteers with the time and strength to help put up signs and banners for the Folk Medicine Festival in June.  Those with building, construction, wood-working skills, etc. are needed to help with the restoration work on the old bank building. Folks with ideas and resources to help meet the goals and complete V2020 projects are needed. Are you that someone? How’s your heart?

Contact V2020 Executive Director Rita Watson at and she will help you find your volunteer space in the V2020 goals and plans for 2021 and beyond.

No one can do everything but everyone can do something.

No one can help everyone but everyone can help someone.

Current fund-raisers you could become a part of are: Amazonsmiles ( — select Vision 2020 to receive a donation from Amazon whenever you make a qualifying purchase) — Rada Cutlery sales (a percentage of all purchases using this link benefit the Heritage Museum fund – — shop at the Step Back in Time shop (there are several items there that benefit the Heritage Museum fund: Simple Pleasures; Simple Pleasures Cookbook and more) — become a member today and find your place among the volunteers of Vision 2020!

Membership Application below:

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