In basketball, all kinds of statistics are recorded to measure the growth and success of the team. Basketball is a team sport. It requires all players on the court to do their role in working the plays the coach has designed. I hate it when the sports commentator says something like: “She’s going to have to put the team on her shoulders and win this game for them.” That attitude defeats the whole concept of playing as a team. Team sports teach the important of community, respect for others and their abilities, good communication skills and the ability to perform well under pressure.

One of the stats that is kept is the number of “assists” a player delivers during a game. As assist is when a player passes the ball to a teammate resulting in a score by layup, jump shot, slam dunk or three-pointer. The player has to place the ball in the right place and at the right time for their teammate to receive it and score. The teammate that scores gets the glory for the points but, without that assist they would not have completed the goal.

The current “assists leader” in women’s college basketball is Suzie McConnell-Serio. In her four years with Pen State (1984-1988) she averaged 10 assists per game for a career total of 1,307. That could account up to 30 minutes of the team’s score.  Another favorite basketball guard of mine is Ticha Penicheiro. She played at Old Dominion from 1994 to 1998 with a career assists total of 939. Then there is Teresa Witherspoon form LA Tech. I loved watching these players. They were unselfish as they precisely delivered the ball to their teammates.

Non-profit organizations, like Vision 2020 rely heavily on those volunteers who assist (in their own way) to move V2020 closer to their goals and success. The annual events – Community Easter Egg Hunt, Folk Medicine Festival, Ice Cream Social & Auction and the Cathie and Troy Johnson 5K Walk/Run – would not be possible without partnerships with local churches and businesses. Of course, without the support of our city government, fire, police departments and EMTs V2020 would not be able to hold these events. Local businesses and individuals have shared a financial assist through the years with generous donations. Vision 2020 is so grateful for all the friends, partners and “assist leaders” who have helped grow Vision 2020.

You can be a part of the V2020 Team! Your assist, in any way you can, is gratefully appreciated. Whether you assist with raising a hammer or a tent, purchasing an auction item or Easter eggs for the children, coordinating an event or walking in the 5K – your assist is wanted and needed.  The first V2020 meeting is Tuesday night, January 26th in the event room at the Step Back in Time shop starting at 7pm. Come find out where you can assist. Click here for our annual membership form. 2021 Membership Form and join the team!

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