A Key to our Future

Corrie Ten Boom quoteI find this quote from Corrie Ten Boom interesting. Corrie (15 April 1892 – 15 April 1983) was a Dutch watchmaker. She with her father, Casper, sister, Betsie and other family members helped many Jews escape the Nazis during the Holocaust of World War II by hiding them in their home. In February 1944, an informant told the Gestapo of the ten Booms work, the entire family and more were arrested.  Corrie and her sister, Betsie, were eventually sent to Ravensbrück concentration camp in Germany. While there they endured horrific atrocities. Just moments before her death in December 1944, Betsie reminded Corrie: “There is no pit is so deep, that He is not deeper still.”

Corrie survived the camp and went on to care for others and tell her family’s story across the world. She would confess that it was their Christian faith that carried them through the tragedy, hatred and cruelty they knew during those years of imprisonment. After all that, how could she say that her memories (the pain, the struggle, the hatred, murder, beatings and more) were a key to the future? How could she even focus on a future? She is correct, you know. Memories are not just for the past. Memories fuel the present and point the pathway to the future.

Red Boiling Springs is full of memories. Her past as a resort/spa town still echoes within the hills and hollows that surround her. The mission of Vision 2020 is to use memories to point the way to the future of our community. “Honoring Our Past, While Looking to Our Future” is Vision 2020’s theme.

The annual Folk Medicine Festival shares those myriad of memories as we support our community with celebrating natural remedies and homemade crafts and music and storytelling. Mark your calendar for June 5, 2021. Walk the streets of town, visit with herbalists, organic gardeners, crafters, sit a spell and listen to some music – that’s the Folk Medicine Festival!

Have you read “Simple Pleasures: A History of the Resort at Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee”? Based on the Master’s Thesis of Dr. Jeanette Keith, the book retells the story of Red Boiling Springs during the 1920s and 1930s. It is more than a history book; it is a book of memories. The sale of the book helps in raising funds for the restoration work on the old bank building in town. The book was recently printed for the third time. It is available at Grandpa’s House and the Step Back in Time shops.

Vision 2020 and their partners all know the value, the preciousness of memories: Memories and More – located in the Hillwood shopping area offers antiques, furniture, glassware, lamps and more. Visit before you drop by at https://www.facebook.com/memories.more.127

The RBS Florist – also located in the Hillwood shopping area provides flower arrangements for all memory-making occasions. Visit them at www.facebook.com/Red-Boiling-Springs-Florist-153497152042/

Grandpa’s House – located on the Ritter Farm, Oak Grove Road just outside Red Boiling Springs is:  “in the memory business: honoring old ones and creating new ones” Check out their annual fall event, “How’d dey do dat? Day”, the first Saturday in October each year. See more about Grandpa’s House at www.grandpas-house.com

Watson Woodworks – Del Watson has more than 40 years’ experience working with wood, building fine furniture and cabinets. Located at 2217 Oak Grove Road, check out the memories Del has created in wood at www.watson-woodworks.com

Memories abound at the three historic hotels still operating in town:

Armour’s Red Boiling Springs Hotelwww.armourshotel.com
The Armour’s is the last remaining Spa Hotel Resort from the 1920’s in the state of Tennessee.

Donoho Hotelwww.thedonoho.com

Thomas Housewww.thomashousehotel.com

The Step Back in Time Shop offers two novels using the history of Red Boiling Springs as a backdrop for their stories:

Local Authors

The Fiddler – by Dale Meador, tells of Rosie, the Fiddler, on his journey from farm boy (with little chance of living a life different from his parents) to that of a much sought after entertainer. He becomes one of the performers in the hotels of Red Boiling Springs. Dipping into the days of split loyalties, The Fiddler gives the reader a look at a time when honor and character were valued.

Paradise – by Don Green, set during the heyday of Red Boiling Springs’ resort days weaves much of the history of the town with a tale of intrigue, greed and jealousy. The story uses some of the historic sites still standing and in use in the small town known for its healing waters.

Someone has said: “Memories are special moments that tell our story.” Some tragic, some magnificent, some inspirational, some hum-drum . . . all add to the story of our lives. Come make memories in Red Boiling Springs soon.

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