Giving: The Big Payback

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This year we made improvement.  We had a number of donors that had never given to Vision 2020 before and that is always exciting! And we topped $4,000!  This money will go to the restoration of the bank building, to art classes in the Step Back in Time Shop, to the McCrary Scholarship fund.

Thank you to everyone for all your support during the Big Payback and throughout the year!! You made our heart soar!!

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Each year, 988 Middle Tennessee nonprofits from 34 counties participate in The Big Payback, an initiative of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. This year’s 24-hour giving challenge begins 6:00pm May 6th.

The Big Payback was launched by the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee to help local non-profits in their fundraising efforts. The Foundations offers incentives and prizes throughout this one-day effort. You can learn more about the Big Payback on the Foundation’s site:

With all that has happened in our state and country over the last few months, why bother folks to make a donation to Vision 2020 Inc and our efforts to restore the old bank building in town to house a heritage museum? We know you have challenges with possibly being laid off work and not able to leave home for business, work or fun. You may be wondering how you will pay this month’s mortgage or rent payment or pay for utilities and groceries.

Vision 2020 understands those challenges. Many of our volunteers are sheltered at home. It is certainly a blow to our bank accounts and egos to be told we are “non-essential”.  We understand the necessity for these precautions. We have had to close the Step Back in Time Shop. We have postponed and even cancelled many of our events (Easter Egg Hunt, Red Pump Café, Folk Medicine Festival, classes at the shop).

Yet, we still have before us our goal of completing the restoration project and opening the heritage museum. You can still be of help, even in these trying times. Vision 2020 is asking all our friends and neighbors, far and wide, to donate through the Big Payback effort $10. If everyone who loves Red Boiling Springs and her history would donate $10 on May 6th, we could reach some of the prize/incentive levels the Community Foundation has set. Thus, “earning” more dollars for the restoration efforts.

Please join us beginning 6pm May 6th through 6pm May 7th in the Big Payback for the Red Boiling Springs Heritage Museum. Here’s the link:

Pay It Forward with the Big Payback!


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