February: The Month of Love

Come February, when I was in grade school, we would create a large, highly decorated with hearts envelope to attach to the front of our desks. Our work of art was to a receptacle for Valentine wishes from our classmates. After school on that day closest to the 14th, we could take our stuffed envelopes home for further inspection. Oooo-eck, there is one from the creepy boy that teased all the girls in class. You might find one from the popular girl in class. “I didn’t even know she knew my name.” Some were handmade and some Valentines came from Ben Franklin’s Five and Dime store. Some had a sappy rhyme and others held a piece of that hard, heart-shaped candy with a sappy rhyme on it.

In February, you hear that little four letter word bandied about quite a bit – LOVE. It is used for almost anything and anyone for whom we have a fondness, consideration or passion. I love pizza. I love my old blue Dodge pickup truck. I love the Spring. I love my Mother. I love Miss Belva’s coconut cake. I love bluegrass music. I love my coffee – morning, noon and night. I love my cat. I love the mountains. I love soccer. I love fishing. I love the Lady Vols. I love . . .

It has been 10 years since Vision 2020 members fell in love with the idea of not only restoring a historic building in our town but preserving the heritage of Red Boiling Springs. Depending largely on volunteer labor and the financial support of local businesses, friends and neighbors, the restoration work has been slow. One completion deadline has been missed. Plans are for a “soft opening” on June 6, 2020 – Folk Medicine Festival day in Red Boiling Springs. Please mark your calendars to be with us on that day.

How do we keep the love, the passion, the dream alive of opening the Red Boiling Springs Heritage Museum?

First, we need to answer the question: “Why?” Why save this old building and our community’s heritage? Why preserve the link between our past and our future? Our past, for better or for worse, is the foundation of our identity. As I often say, “How do we know where we are going if we do not know from where we have come?”

Second, communication is a must. Keep up with V2020 activities and plans by attending their monthly meetings. V2020 meets the 4th Tuesday of each month (except December) in the dining room of the Armour’s Hotel beginning at 7pm. Check our Facebook page and webpage – www.vision2020inc.com Let us know what you would like to see happen in our community. What is important to you?

Third, this dream requires a passionate commitment. It has been ten years and progress has been slow but don’t let that diminish your love for the preservation of your town’s history. This effort needs more than – “That’s a good idea. Good luck.” It needs folks to go the extra mile and volunteer to hammer a nail or purchase an item or four at the Step Back in Time Shop.

Fourth, say “Thank you”. Preserving our town’s history is one way to express our gratitude to our ancestors. With the same appreciation, we should be aware and expressing our thankfulness as often as we can. No matter what one’s involvement is in this dream of a RBS Heritage Museum – thank you!

If we don’t care about our past, we cannot hope for the future.

Jackie Kennedy at Union StationJacqueline Kennedy Onassis was instrumental in the preservation of many historical structures in New York City. Following President Kennedy’s assassination, she moved to New York and partnered with the Municipal Art Society to create the Committee to Save Grand Central Station.

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