This Place Matters

June 2019
We have just experienced, in the last few weeks, opportunities to remember. With Memorial Day and the marking of the D-Day invasion, we honor the memories of the fallen brave with recollection of deeds that paid the price for the precious freedoms we enjoy in our nation.  From the heart of composer and D-Day veteran Jim Radford:

And those of you who were unborn, who’ve lived in liberty,
Remember those who made it so on the shores of Normandy.

One of the goals of Vision 2020 Inc is to preserve and share the history, the family stories and folklore of Red Boiling Springs, TN. Why? Because “this place matters”.  Why? Because the history and lives of the past are the foundation on which our present and future lives are built. #thisplacematters

Everyone has places that are important to them. Places they care about. Places that matter. Red Boiling Springs is a place many people call home. Whether they still reside within its borders or not. #thisplacematters

To that end, Vision 2020 Inc has been working the past 5 plus years to restore the old bank building in town to house historic memorabilia.  We are currently in phase 2 of this preservation project — restoring the old building to her glory days of the 1930s. We need volunteers to do physical labor under the supervision of those experienced with restoring historic properties.  The old bank building is listed on the National List of Historic Places. #thisplacematters

Because historic restoration is not free or cheap, we need financial support. Your donation does not need to be large. Whatever the amount, it will be put to use in the restoration efforts.  One way you can easily donate is through the Amazon Smile program.  If you shop on anytime during the year, please choose to sign up for this fund-raiser —


Choose Vision 2020 Inc as your preferred charity. Each time you shop, Amazon will make a donation to Vision 2020’s heritage museum fund based on the amount of your purchase.  It does not increase your purchase amount. Amazon is making the donation.

Send us stories why Red Boiling Springs matters to you —




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