Simple Pleasures Cookbook

Vision 2020 will be raising funds for the upcoming Heritage Museum by selling cookbooks.  We are in search of specific types of recipes.  There will be three sections to the cookbook.


These are recipes that are passed down from generation to generation.

  • The recipe needs to be written just as it was given to you. If you want to share your original recipe card/page, we will scan and return it to you.
  • Would like to have the story behind the recipe: Great grandma made this every Thanksgiving type thing.
  • Would like a picture of the person who gave you the recipe or who originated the recipe. These can be old B&W or color.  They will be returned so be sure you have your name on the back.



These are recipes that have no more than 3 or 4 ingredients, recipes that a new bride could easily fix.

  • Again, if there is a story behind the recipe, like the time you burnt the beans and melted the pot in the process, we would like that also.



These are favorite recipes that we want when we feel bad.

  • Again, if there is a story behind the recipe, we want it and any photos of people that go with the recipe. Maybe, a photo of Jr in his pjs for the recipe of pudding you would make when he was sick.  That sort of thing.


You can go to Cookbook Submit page to find the submission page for recipes.  Be sure your name and address is on each recipe, story and photo you submit.

ABSOLUTE DEADLINE to turn in recipes to Vision 2020 is MAY 31st, 2018.  These can be turned in at the Step Back in Time Shop at 252 Main Street in Red Boiling Springs or mailed to Vision 2020 – Cookbook, 2163 Oak Grove Rd., Red Boiling Springs, TN 37150.

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